Why You Should Drink More Water?

A lot of people underestimate the need to drink water regularly or as they call it technically to keep themselves sufficiently dehydrated.

A key signal for consuming water comes in the shape of thirst. So when you are thirsty, you drink water. Thirst is actually a ‘warning signal’ emitted by your body. You ought to consume water before your body sends out that warning signal.

Why water is a big deal?

In one line - because water accounts for roughly 60% of the body. If there isn’t enough water in your system, a large part of your bodily functions are impacted adversely.

Water has key benefits, many of which may well amaze you:

  1. Prevents cancer – research indicates staying hydrated can reduce risk of cancer of the colon and bladder and could also possibly reduce breast cancer risk

  2. Improves mood – makes you are less irritated and grumpy

  3. Better athletic performance and metabolism - water composes 75% of muscle tissue, so an improved water intake increases body performance while performing tasks demanding medium to high intensity

  4. Weight control – thirst is often confused for hunger, so when you are eating to satiate hunger, it is possible that your body is actually crying for water and not food. Consuming water regularly means you are full more often and your appetite for food is suppressed. Over the long term, this ensures your weight is under control more so since water has zero calories.

  5. Lower joint pain - drinking water regularly reduces joint pain by keeping the cartilage soft and hydrated.

  6. Natural flush for throwing out bacteria and body waste – water helps the digestive system perform its tasks efficiently chief among which is to flush out toxins from the body. That is why water is a convenient remedy for constipation provided you also add fiber to your diet.

  7. Prevent headaches – drinking water regularly can cure headaches, at least those triggered by dehydration

  8. Skin glow – drinking water regularly improves colour and texture of the skin and helps regulate the body temperature through sweating

How much water

There are many theories on how much water one must drink to ensure body receives the optimum water supply. There are some that maintain it is eight – ten glasses while some are more extreme – three to four litres. The one point that all agree on is that you must consume enough water so that the urine flows freely without colour. That is the stage when your body is just flushing out the water you consume.

Tips for consuming water

  1. Keep a bottle of water handy and drink as frequently as possible, try to get a glass of water in for every hour you are awake.

  2. Eat raw fruits and vegetables since they have high water composition. They are also high in fibre, so you get two benefits from the same food.

  3. Choose beverages that are healthy and taste good – this could be tea given our culture and fondness for the beverage. Go for green tea, to benefit from the dual benefit of water combined with antioxidants that are so important for health.

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