Home Remedies for Cough

Coughing ranks among the most common health problems. When there is an irritant or blockage in your throat or upper air passages, your body gets a message from the brain to remove the irritant by coughing.

Coughing can also be triggered due to a viral infection, common cold, flu, and smoking or health problems such as tuberculosis or asthma.

When it comes to treating a cough, instead of reaching for the cough syrup, you can try some natural treatments that are available right inside your home.

Best Home Remedies For Cough:

  1. Turmeric

    Add a teaspoon each of turmeric powder and black pepper to boiling water. Also consider adding cinnamon and honey. Drink this daily until you see improvement.

    Other ways to introduce turmeric in your diet is by adding turmeric powder along with carom seeds to herbal tea. Also add honey and drink the solution two to three times daily.

    You can also roast turmeric root and grind it into fine powder and mix it with water and honey- drink twice a day.

  2. Ginger

    Ginger is a superfood that has many benefits and treating cough is among its more well-known properties.

    Add small slices of ginger to boiling water. Drink this mixture three to four times a day for relief from sore throat, persistent coughing and even chest congestion. Alternatively also consider adding some lemon juice and honey.

    Another option if it suits you, is to chew fresh raw ginger on and off over the day.

  3. Lemon

    Lemons are useful in a variety of ways for treating coughs. With properties that reduce inflammation and offer infection-fighting vitamin C, lemons offer just the prescription to fight cough.

    Combine two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey and you have a homemade cough syrup. This can be taken several times a day. You can also add a pinch of cayenne pepper to the above mixture.

  4. Onion and Garlic

    A simple home remedy for treating cough is to cut onions and inhale its strong vapors. This can help treat the cough and clear the nasal passage.

    A mixture of baked onion juice with comfrey tea and honey serves as a useful cough syrup. Drink it daily for relief. You can also consider adding pure honey to the onion extract.

    Garlic can be considered a superfood considering it has both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are useful in treating coughs.

    Boil two to three cloves of garlic with water and add a teaspoon of oregano. On cooling add some honey and drink it. This should clear blockages, ease breathing and offer relief from constant coughing.

    Crushed garlic with a few drops of clove oil and honey is useful for treating sore throat.

    Also consider adding garlic to your cooking.

  5. Hot milk with honey

    Hot milk with honey is useful for treating dry cough and easing chest pain from continuous coughing. For optimum results, drink it before sleep. Separately have a teaspoon of plain honey on empty stomach to clear the mucus and soothe the throat.

  6. Carrot juice

    It’s widely known that carrot is loaded with essential vitamins that are very useful for the body. Carrots are just as effective when it comes to treating cough, cold and sore throat. Carrot juice contains vitamins C and A. Vitamin C is helpful in treating dry cough. Drink carrot juice over the course of the day for relief from cough. Add some honey for enhanced effectiveness.

  7. Grapes

    Grapes improve overall functioning of lungs because of its strong expectorant properties. Grapes release the mucus from respiratory organs while also clearing the passages in the lungs for easier breathing. You can eat grapes or consume fresh juice from the fruit (as opposed to packaged juice). Add honey to increase effectiveness in treating cough and sore throat.

  8. Almonds

    Almonds are packed with essential nutrients that offer relief from cough and related infections in the future. The best way to take almonds is to soak them in water for around 10 hours and make a smooth paste out of it. Add some butter to the paste and consume at least thrice a day for relief.

  9. Probiotics

    Probiotics are microorganisms that provide a host of health benefits. They relieve cough indirectly by balancing your gastrointestinal flora - the bacteria that live in your intestines. This can support your immune system against infections and diseases. Some evidence also indicates that Lactobacillus, a bacterium in dairy, can reduce the likelihood of a cold or flu as also sensitivity to certain allergens like pollen.

  10. Peppermint

    Peppermint leaves and the oil of eucalyptus have considerable healing properties. The menthol in peppermint acts as a soothing agent for a sore throat and is also a decongestant, helping to break down mucus. You can drink peppermint tea or inhale peppermint vapors from a steam bath.

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