Cancer Care Guide

Why You Should Consider a Cancer Insurance Policy

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases anyone could have. While the disease is stressful and fatal, the treatments burn a hole in your pocket.... Read More

10 Things to Focus on before Buying a Cancer Insurance Plan

Cancer is a fatal disease that comes without prior intimation. This terrible disease costs you quite a bit, both emotionally as well as financially... Read More

Critical Illness Insurance Policy: Do you need it?

As the name suggests, a critical illness plan offers coverage against serious life-threatening diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, organ transplant, and stroke, besides many others... Read More

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Cancer Care Policy

Besides causing a devastating impact on an individual’s health, diagnosis of cancer leads to a huge financial strain due to the high treatment expenses.... Read More

Growing Need for Cancer Insurance in India

Cancer does not spread by geography. It can strike about anyone, anytime. It is on the rise in just about every region... Read More

Why add Cancer Insurance Plans to your Insurance Portfolio

It is critical to provide for health related contingencies so as to lead a stress free life – for the sake of both... Read More

5 Must Know Myths and Facts about Breast Cancer

Cancer may be among the most researched of diseases. Ironically this also leads to information overload at times, so much so that myths and... Read More

Foods To Consider During Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy along with radiation is among the more widely employed methods to treat cancer. Typically the procedures involve use of medicines... Read More

Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid

According to the National Cancer Institute about one-third of all cancer deaths may be diet related. What you eat can trigger a condition or... Read More

Cancer Risks In Family

Family history of cancer can up your own chances of getting the disease. So it’s important to identifythe cancers that dot the family history... Read More

Cancer Screening For Women

Screening for cancers is important since it could save a life if detected pre-emptively. Women in particular are susceptible to certain cancers... Read More

5 Healthy Diet Tips to Overcome Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy is one of the more widely prevalent methods to treat cancer. It uses medicines / drugs with the aim of killing cancer cells that are... Read More

5 Must Know Myths and Facts About Lung Cancer

Like other cancers, lung cancer has its own share of myths. So sifting fact from fiction is important to understand how lung cancer works... Read More

5 Must Know Myths and Facts about Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer has more than its share of myths and half-baked truths that pass off as facts. Some of the more widespread myths include... Read More

5 Ways To Avoid Post-Chemo Infections

Chemotherapy is undertaken to rid the patient of cancer. Its objective is to destroy cancer cells. While this is achieved with varying... Read More

Side Effects Of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy or simply ‘chemo’ is one of the more widely employed methods to treat cancer. The procedure involves use of medicines or... Read More

Top Cancer Fighting Foods

The National Cancer Institute maintains that nearly one-third of all cancer deaths may be diet related. Simply put, what you eat can... Read More

Nutrition For Breast Cancer Patients And Survivors

On being diagnosed with breast cancer, women do a rethink on nutrition and health in general. They agonize over what may have caused the cancer... Read More

Lung Cancer - Understanding And Treatment

Lung cancer is fairly common in India, which goes to show that it is dangerous if not addressed in a timely and effective manner. Knowing more about... Read More

Skin Cancer - Understanding And Treatment

Skin cancer is usually dismissed as an insignificant disease because we don’t see too many instances of friends and relatives struck by it... Read More

Oral Cancer - Understanding And Treatment

Oral cancer cannot be taken lightly given that it is fairly common in India. It is therefore helpful to build more awareness about the disease... Read More

Thyroid Cancer - Understanding And Treatment

Thyroid diseases, including thyroid cancer, are fairly common in India. Therefore, it helps to build more awareness about the disease, the symptoms... Read More

Understanding Cancer Screening Tests

With cancer assuming alarming proportions in the country, it helps to take pre-emptive measures to identify the disease at the earliest, so treatment can... Read More

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