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HDFC Life Easy Health Plan
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Health care costs have been growing faster than general inflation in the last decade. Episodes of critical illness, hospitalization and medical procedures can happen to anyone, anytime.

One of the ways to be financially prepared for health emergencies is to have a mediclaim policy. But that may not be enough to ensure that your finances go untouched. There are many expenses not reimbursed by many mediclaim policies. To add to the burden, there are rehabilitation-related expenses, family expenses, loss of income and liabilities like EMIs. That is why it is great to have a mediclaim policy for family like HDFC Life Easy Health.

  • Access to a complete health cover

    This cashless health insurance comes with three different coverage options. They are: Daily Hospital Cash Benefit, Surgical Benefit and Critical Illness Benefit. You can choose any one, two or all the three options, based on your need and affordability.

  • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit

    According to this option, in a year, 20 days of hospitalization benefit is available for non-ICU, and 10 days for ICU rooms. Overall, in the course of the five-year policy, you can get cash benefit of up to 60 days of non-ICU room and 30 days of ICU room.

  • Critical Illness Benefit

    There are 18 diseases covered under this benefit. They include diseases like cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, Parkinson’s disease and so on***

  • Surgical Benefit

    There are 138 surgeries covered. They include major ones like prosthetic replacement of heart valve, lung transplantation, liver transplantation, renal transplant, bone marrow transplant, coronary artery bypass grafting via open thoracotomy and so on.

  • Protection from well defined benefits

    Thanks to well-defined benefits, HDFC Life Easy Health helps you with a wider coverage. Under the Daily Hospital Cash, you can get upto 1% of sum assured per day if you are admitted to hospital in a non-ICU room. The benefit would double to 2% of the sum assured, if admitted to an ICU room.

    Under the Critical Illness Benefit, 100% is paid as lump sum on occurrence of any of the 18 diseases. Under the Surgical Benefit scheme, the 138 specified surgeries are covered under four categories. They provide lump sum benefit of 20%, 40%, 60% and 100% of the sum assured, depending upon the category of the surgery.

  • Higher cover for affordable premium

    You can get a health cover of Rs 3 lakh at an annual premium of Rs 2,714****, if you are a 35 year old male and go for Daily Hospital Cash and Critical Illness Benefit. The five year cover amount starts from Rs 25,000 and goes up to Rs 5 lakh.

    You can either pay the entire premium at one go or chose to pay it annually during the course of five years. You can make multiple claims till you exhaust your insurance cover. However, you can’t make more than one claim for the same disease.

  • Substantial tax savings^

    You can get annual tax deduction of Rs 55,000 from mediclaim policy premium payment from this policy. Under Section 80D, any individual below the age of 60 is allowed income tax deduction of Rs 25,000 in a year for health insurance premiums. This could be covering the individual or his family.

    Parents above the age of 60 can be covered under family health insurance plans and additional tax deduction of Rs 30,000 can be obtained. It is worthwhile to point out that annual tax deduction of Rs 55,000, translates into tax savings of Rs 16,500 for a person in the 30% tax bracket. This effectively means that the health insurance costs you much lesser than even the already low amount.

  • Ease of no medical test and online buying

    Unlike many health plans which require you to go through comprehensive medical tests, HDFC Life Easy Health does not require any medical test. Therefore, you can buy this cashless mediclaim policy online without any hassles.

    For health emergencies, you need wide and adequate protection that secures you and your family from the most adverse of financial impacts. They say “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. HDFC Life Easy Health is a family floater health insurance plan that goes a long way in helping prove that.


    The below mentioned example explains how does critical illness insurance by HDFC Life ensures that the policy holder recieves payout and benefits (Daily hospital cash/ Surgical / Critical Illness)

    Mr. Rahul Gupta, aged 45 years, is a Project Manager in a Multinational Software Company. He opts for HDFC Life Easy Health to get financial protection against any untimely illness or accident and to ensure his saving stays intact. He opts for Plan G and wants to pay annually.


*** Subject to terms and conditions of the policy
**** HDFC Life Easy Health product brochure
^ Tax benefits are as per Tax laws and are subject to change

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Life is difficult, we balance Jobs, Family, Friends, Social Obligations, Taxes and so much more.

Infact there are very few things in Life that are easy to do, like sitting in park smelling flowers, like showering love on your pet and buying Health Insurance! Yes you heard right, buying mediclaim is easier than ever before! Thanks to HDFC Life Easy Health!

HDFC Life Easy Health is a fixed benefit cashless health insurance plan. It gives you smart add-on benefits, flexibility in payment options and great value cover for your medical needs. The add-on benefits allow you to choose any or all three benefit options that help make your mediclaim policy suitable for your needs.

Daily Hospital Cash Benefit gives you lump sum if you ever need to be hospitalized for more than 24 hours.

Surgical benefit means you get a lump sum amount if you have to undergo any type of surgery.

Critical illness benefit means you get a lump sum amount if you get diagnosed with a major critical illness.

Hassle free process, No medical Check-ups.

Just Click, Pick and Go

If there is anything in this life that’s easy its making sure that your future remain healthy.

HDFC Life Easy Health. It’s That Simple.

*premium Amount for Male, 35 yrs, 10 year term, Silver option, including tax.
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited.

Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation. For more details on risk factors, associated terms and conditions and exclusions please read the product brochure before concluding a sale. HDFC Life Health Assure Plan (Form No. P501-105, UIN: 101N087V01) is the name of traditional health plan offered by HDFC Life. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited is only the name of the Insurance Company, HDFC Life is only the name of the brand and HDFC Life Health Assure Plan is only the name of the product. The name of the company, name of the brand and the name of the product does not in any way indicate the quality of the contract, its future prospects or returns. HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd. IRDAI Reg No. : 101. ARN: MC/03/2015/6186.
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